What kind of disinfection method is good for disinfection cabinet? Disinfection cabinet purchase strategy!

The bacteria on tableware can easily invade the human body through food and affect our health, or the clothes we wear can also easily carry bacteria and viruses. At this time, a disinfection cabinet is particularly important, but there are many disinfection methods in the disinfection cabinet, and the disinfection and sterilization effects are different. Today, which disinfection method is better for the disinfection cabinet?

What kind of disinfection method is good for disinfection cabinet? There are several common disinfection methods for disinfection cabinet: far infrared high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, ultraviolet + ozone disinfection. High temperature disinfection of plastic products is easy to volatilize some organic matter into the air, but will produce some harmful substances to the body, and many items, such as plastic or clothing, are not suitable for high temperature disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection alone, the effect is poor, and ozone disinfection, has a good disinfection effect, but there is also a long disinfection time, there is the risk of leakage of ozone. Legia smart mainly adopts ultraviolet + ozone disinfection mode. The advantage of combined disinfection is that it can reduce the time of ozone disinfection and ensure the disinfection effect. In addition, customers can also choose the function of photocatalyst sterilization. This kind of photocatalyst sterilization is a relatively new sterilization technology. It can be sterilized at room temperature and low temperature under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. The effect is similar to ozone, but the advantage is that it does not produce ozone.

A good disinfection cabinet can simultaneously meet the four conditions of disinfection, drying, good sealing and thorough disinfection. Legia Smart has a variety of reliable and efficient disinfection cabinets for customers to choose from.

What kind of disinfection method is good for disinfection cabinet? Ozone + UV disinfection is good!

1. Efficient disinfection

The disinfection cabinet adopts the synergistic effect of ultraviolet and ozone to achieve multi-dimensional disinfection, so that the sterilization rate of Escherichia coli, poliovirus and other bacteria is more than 99.9%, ensuring the cleanliness of tableware, clothes and other items, and creating a more healthy living environment;

2. Efficient drying

The PTC heating technology and the circulating fan system are used in the letchuangzhijia disinfection cabinet. The surrounding heating makes the heat radiation area larger and greatly shortens the drying time. Drying temperature up to 75 ℃ can disinfect more types of tableware and clothes, and effectively avoid bacteria breeding due to humidity in the cabinet.

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