What are the low temperature disinfection technologies? No Ozone technology at room temperature can also be completely sterilized!

What are the low temperature disinfection technologies? No Ozone technology at room temperature can also be completely sterilized!

At present, there are many disinfection technologies in the market, such as high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and so on. These disinfection techniques are widely used, but there are some defects.

It mainly includes:

1) High temperature disinfection technology can completely kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses above 120 ℃. But the problem is that there are still many items that are not resistant to high temperature and are not suitable for high temperature disinfection technology.

2) Ozone disinfection can be carried out at room temperature, but the problem is that ozone disinfection will bring about the impact of ozone leakage. High concentration of ozone will make people feel uncomfortable and harmful; In addition, the decay of ozone emission takes time. Generally, it takes 20-30 minutes to open the door of the disinfection cabinet after disinfection.

3) Ultraviolet disinfection technology, ultraviolet disinfection can not be used alone as a disinfection technology, because ultraviolet can not be blocked, if it is blocked, then the area not irradiated by ultraviolet has no sterilization and disinfection effect.

Le Chuang Zhi Jia has been researching in the field of disinfection equipment and disinfection technology for many years, and now provides more sterilization and disinfection technologies for customers to choose from.

1) Nano water ion sterilization technology. The principle of nano water ion technology is to use the nano water ion generator to gather the water in the air, cool and apply high pressure to the condensed water droplets to produce nano water ions. A nano water ion contains a large amount of water (about 1000 times more water than ordinary negative ions) and a large number of Oh hydroxyl radicals with antibacterial effect. Nano water ions can inhibit the growth of bacteria and remove odor.

2) Photocatalyst sterilization technology. Photocatalyst, also known as photocatalyst, is a general term for semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function represented by nanometer titanium dioxide. The representative photocatalyst material is titanium dioxide, which can produce strong oxidizing substances (such as hydroxyl radical, oxygen, etc.) under light irradiation, and can be used to decompose organic compounds, some inorganic compounds, bacteria and viruses. In daily life, photocatalyst can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air, such as formaldehyde, and purify the air efficiently; At the same time, it can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, decompose and harmless the toxins released by bacteria or fungi.

Legia smart disinfection cabinet focuses on the development and research of all kinds of disinfection technology and equipment. The new disinfection cabinet with nano water ion has strong sterilization and disinfection ability, and can be sterilized and disinfected at room temperature, remove odor, and is completely environmental friendly without pollution. Welcome all customers to consult and discuss.

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