What is nano water ion sterilization technology? Why is its effect so good?

What is nano water ion sterilization technology? Why is its effect so good?
The principle of nano water ion technology is to use the nano water ion generator to gather the water in the air, cool and apply high pressure to the condensed water droplets to produce nano water ions.
A nano water ion contains a large amount of water (about 1000 times more water than ordinary negative ions and a large number of OH hydroxyl radicals with antibacterial effect.
Inhibit the growth of bacteria, remove odor.
Different from the negative ions in the air, the water encapsulated nano water ions are not easy to combine with the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, so they can exist in the air for a long time, with a half-life of 20 minutes. And its antibacterial effect is also closely related to its own composition and structure: nano water ions encapsulated by water can easily adhere to the surface of various bacteria, and then make a large number of oxygen free radicals contained in itself fully contact with bacteria, and extract  ions from bacteria to become water. In this way, all kinds of bacteria lose their activity and achieve the effect of sterilization.
In addition to sterilization, nano water ions can also penetrate into the depth of the fiber and extract  ions from the odor forming bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of deodorization. Pet odor, sweat odor and all kinds of long lasting odor in the home can be easily handled!
Legia smart disinfection cabient focuses on the development and research of all kinds of disinfection technology and equipment. The new disinfection cabinet with nano water ion has strong sterilization and disinfection ability, and can be sterilized and disinfected at room temperature, remove odor, and is completely environmental friendly without pollution. Welcome all customers to consult and discuss.

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