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Legia smart focus on the disinfection cabinet,sterilize cabinet,disinfect machine, air disinfection machine and other sterilize disinfecting technology solutions.We use ultraviolet sterilization, ozone disinfection, photocatalyst anti-virus, nano water ion sterilization, activated carbon filter screen, HEPA filter screen and other disinfect technologies, as well as rapid ozone elimination technology, ozone detection technology and IAQ detection of indoor air quality, such as PM2 5. CO2, TVOC, etc. Our product design is novel and practical.

Our main products include:uv sanitizer disinfecting cabinet,ozone sterilize disinfect cabinet,uv sterilize machine  ,ozone disinfector,air disinfection machine,commercial disinfection machine.

We can provide ODM / OEM development and joint development to realize the rapid design and response mode based on customer needs.

Disinfection cabinet series

Air disinfection machine

Large air volume air purifier

Disinfection cabinet series!

Ozone disinfect cabinet, UV disinfect cabinet, high temperature disinfection cabinet, PTC drying disinfection cabinet, clothing care machine Photocatalyst disinfection cabinet and rapid ozone removal technology,uv sanitizer disinfecting cabinet.

Air disinfection machine

Air disinfection machine,commercial disinfection machine and other air disinfect machine.uv disinfector and ozone disinfector erc.

Large air volume commercial air purifier!

800-1500m3 / h large air volume, large-size purification filter screen, high-efficiency formaldehyde removal and sterilization.
Large air volume air disinfection, air purification and air humidification can effectively maintain indoor excellent air quality IAQ.

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