How to buy the best disinfection cabinet under novel coronavirus

With the increase in the number of confirmed cases in novel coronavirus, preventive measures such as wearing masks and going out less have become popular. Recently, with the rising heat of the topic, disinfection products, such as diet and tableware disinfection, has also begun to receive attention. A few days ago, Academician Li Lanjuan said dishwashers and disinfection cabinets can prevent infectious diseases from spreading through the digestive tract, which are powerful weapons for disinfection of tableware and food. As soon as the news came out, many kinds of kitchen electrical products became popular rapidly, among which, the sales volume of disinfection cabinet was even more popular. Since the purchase of disinfection cabinets has become a hot topic, then let’s talk about how to use it and purchase it.  
Sterilization and disinfection effect
The main purpose to purchase disinfection cabinet is to sterilize, store and clean tableware, so the index of sterilization and disinfection effect is very important. Different sterilization temperature, ultraviolet intensity, ozone concentration, sterilization time and other factors will directly affect the sterilization effect. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to whether the product has the health inspection report of the authoritative health department and the quality inspection report of the quality inspection department when purchasing.  
Energy saving
In order to achieve the purpose of high-temperature disinfection, different structures, materials and processes used in the same volume and power disinfection cabinet will affect the thermal insulation effect of the disinfection cabinet, thus affecting the length of heating time and directly related to the consumption of electric energy. Consumers only need to choose their own disinfection cabinet according to their family situation. In terms of sterilization and disinfection, ozone has the strongest disinfection and sterilization ability, but do not open the door immediately after disinfection to prevent inhalation of ozone, which is harmful to health.   
Function setting should be humanized and intelligent   
Chinese families often use dishes and chopsticks with different sizes and lengths. When choosing household disinfection cabinets, we must consider the rationality of the storage of these tableware in the disinfection cabinets.   
Excellent cavity tightness  
At present, the mainstream household disinfection cabinets in the market can not do without ozone. But it has a strong stimulating smell, which causes many consumers to hold back when buying. This is because in the sealed disinfection cabinet, ozone is often not completely decomposed, once inhaled by the human body for a long time, it will cause damage to the body. Therefore, the cavity tightness must be better, and there should be no ozone leakage when working. At the end of the work, in order to ensure a more rapid emission of ozone irritant taste, the disinfection cabinet had better include air purification function.
Recommendation of good disinfection cabinets
After all, is there a home disinfection cabinet that is suitable for home use? Through comparative analysis, the author thinks that ZTP-100d, an efficient disinfection cabinet launched by Legia smart, is very prominent in all dimensions. The product uses ozone disinfection, far infrared high temperature disinfection, and hot air circulation system, which is equipped with an internal circulation fan to thoroughly indoor disinfect the room. Meanwhile, the work mode, frequency conversion disinfection is not only environment-friendly but also power-saving. In addition, the product innovatively uses fruit and vegetable oxygenated water for sterilization and pesticide degradation, making your life safer. Finally, welcome to ask for more information at any time.

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