How likely is a novel coronavirus to spread through the air?

How likely is a novel coronavirus to spread through the air?
In one case, the patient may have Shared a stairway with the patient. How likely is the virus to spread through the air? Is there transmission in elevators? Zhang says other factors must be eliminated to determine whether the virus will spread through the air. Even if the infection is in the elevator, there is no way out of whether because of contact with the elevator button, did not wash their hands in time and infection. The virus can survive for hours in the air, so in areas where outbreaks are high, zhang recommends washing hands if they come into contact with surfaces. If the contact contaminates a mask, the mask is more dangerous than the air. Zhang wenhong said.
 Zhang noted that among the cases he has been exposed to, there have been no cases of airborne infection. He says airborne transmission is valuable in confined Spaces with large viral loads. He pointed out that when medical personnel intubate the trachea without an N95 mask, opening the lower respiratory tract, a large amount of virus is released, which can cause aerosol transmission in a closed medical space. In a typical elevator, as long as you don’t have a lot of coughing and a lot of virus coming out, that’s not a lot of space, and that’s a risk, but mathematically speaking, we can ignore that.

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