Can air disinfection machine help humans fight against indoor air pollution?

It is our dream to have a spacious and comfortable home and enjoy a cosy family life in a warm and clean home harbor. Unfortunately, indoor air pollution has become an “invisible killer” that affects our health. And meanwhile, bathrooms and toilets have become breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria because of their special use, which makes people suffer a lot. The TS-01 air disinfection machine, which is developed by our company based on the market demand, will undoubtedly bring you a bright future.
TS-01 air disinfection machine is mainly made by the principle of ozone sterilization and disinfection, which plays a good role in indoor air purification. It is well known that as a strong oxidant, ozone possesses a strong oxidation, catalytic and killing ability. At normal temperature, ozone itself can be decomposed into oxygen in a short period of time, leaving almost no residue, which makes ozone an internationally recognized pollution-free, perfect and cleanest disinfection method. It is worth mentioning that ozone can be used to capture and kill bacterial vegetative forms, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and parasitic cysts in the bathroom. The sterilization rate of gas is 300-600 times faster than that of chlorine. At the same time, the harmful mixtures of formaldehyde, benzene, methane and ammonia in the air can be decomposed quickly.
Apart from that, the machine takes advantage of a microcomputer to intelligently control the release of ozone and negative ions, so as to disinfect and purify the air. After the ozone is actively sterilized, the negative ions are disinfected to purify and maintain fresh air to achieve the desired goal. In a word, the creative combination of negative ions and ozone in this product will definitely give you a healthy kitchen and bathroom.
Legia Smart always adheres to the business philosophy of customer first. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult at any time.

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