2019 China Disinfection Cabinet Industry Summit Forum was held in Beijing

On April 22, China Disinfection Cabinet Industry Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The theme of the meeting was “Science and technology create healthy life”, aiming at jointly discussing how to do a good job in the disinfection cabinet industry, how to operate the categories of disinfection cabinets, standardize the market and jointly promote the sustainable development of the disinfection cabinet industry.

In January 1988, the world’s first household electronic disinfection cabinet was born in Kangbao, which opened a new chapter in the history of research and development of disinfection cabinets. The invention of sterilizing cabinet has created a new category of household appliances. The advent of sterilizing cabinet has been widely loved by consumers. It has gradually entered millions of households and taken full care of human health.

With people’s increasing attention to health, the market of disinfection cabinets is huge. However, for their own benefit, some illegal manufacturers put fake and inferior products into the market, which not only disturbed the normal market order of disinfection cabinets, infringed on the interests of consumers, but also caused great damage to the regular brand of disinfection cabinets.

To reshape industry norms and enhance industry influence, at the same time, in order to advocate more consumers to pay attention to family health, develop a healthy lifestyle, care for the health of their families, well-known brands jointly organized this sterilizer industry summit.

Xie Ailan, a well-known quality and brand expert in China and former president of China Quality Management Association, pointed out that national health is an important symbol of national sustainable development ability, and health has increasingly become an important issue in the international community. She appealed to Kangbao Electrical Appliances and other household appliances brands to continue to cultivate the blue sea market of disinfection cabinets, carry forward the spirit of innovation from “Made in China” to “Smart & Made in China” and create brilliance for the upgrading of disinfection cabinet industry.

At the same time, Wang Lei, deputy director of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, deeply analyzed the current situation of disinfection cabinet industry, and pointed out that with people’s attention to health, disinfection cabinet has a very broad market prospects.

At this summit forum, various household appliances brands jointly read out the Declaration of Self-Discipline in the Disinfection Cabinet Industry. The leaders of major brands solemnly pledged to establish brands in good faith, abide by the law, and consciously resist dishonesty; win the market with quality to ensure that the quality of disinfection cabinets is higher than the national standards; build public praise with service to provide consumers with better service; Under the supervision of the society, to promote win-win cooperation and work together to promote sustainable development of the industry.

For this reason, Legia smart will take the market as the guide, cultivate the disinfection cabinet category intensively, win the market by technological innovation, innovate and optimize the product line, recommend refrigerated disinfection cabinet, clothing disinfection cabinet, bottle disinfection cabinet and other new products to global consumers. Legia smart will devote itself to building an integrated business model of kitchen and healthy smart home, and constantly lead and promote the development of disinfection cabinet industry.

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