Air temperature and humidity affect the sterilization effect of ozone generator

In general, the ozone disinfection process of the ozone generator in daily use should be isolated from personnel. The ozone disinfection cabinet and disinfection equipment produced by Legia smart disinfect machine and cabient have automatic control function. As long as the customer sets relevant parameters, no one can be on duty, which can ensure the health of personnel.
Ozone disinfection is a disinfection method. The ozone generator is used to extract oxygen from the air, synthesize ozone and mix it into the water, kill all bacteria and viruses in a very short time, and then restore it to oxygen without secondary pollution and residue. It is much better than the traditional chlorine containing disinfectant in sterilization effect, application scope and avoiding secondary pollution. In gas phase conditions, the effect of ozone on killing microorganisms depends on the ozone threshold concentration, that is, when the ozone air concentration meets the concentration requirements, it can have the ability to kill microorganisms. The killing effect of ozone on microorganisms is different. Experiments have proved that ozone has a strong bacteriolytic killing effect on human and animal pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
The environmental factors affecting the germicidal efficacy of air disinfection ozone generator are mainly reflected in air temperature and humidity.
It is understood that generally, the killing effect is good when the temperature is low and the humidity is high. The killing effect can be well reflected when the relative humidity is > 70%. This is due to the increase of relative humidity, which can expand the cell and thin the cell wall, making it more vulnerable to the penetration and dissolution of ozone. When the ozone concentration is 0.02ppm, people with sensitive sense of smell can detect it, which is called the sensory critical value. When the ozone concentration is 0.15ppm, it is the olfactory critical value, which can also be smelled by ordinary people. It is also a health standard. When the concentration reaches 1-10 ppm, it is called the stimulation range. In fact, the safe use of ozone can completely ensure that human health is not endangered.
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