Upper level flat ultraviolet air disinfection machine


product details
Airh-b100n air disinfector adopts the imported high-energy ozone free ultraviolet lamp, which uses the optical principle to produce the real ultraviolet irradiated by the upper layer for disinfection, and uses the efficient internal filtering and decomposition technology to realize no ozone leakage, optical lens, regular start and stop, infrared detection and other functions, which ensures the safety of people under the coexistence of man and machine, The man-machine coexistence mode of traditional ultraviolet lamp disinfection is realized, which can perfectly replace the traditional ultraviolet lamp.

Product features
① Internal specular reflection and optical lens realize the real upper level flat reflection of ultraviolet light
② Imported high-energy ozone free ultraviolet light is adopted, and the energy at 1m is more than 200uw
③ The original ozone filtration and decomposition technology realizes no ozone leakage
④ Regular start and stop, infrared detection, personnel height more than 2.1m, and automatically turn off the upper ultraviolet radiation
⑤ No ultraviolet light below 2.1m
⑥ Man machine coexistence

Typical application scenarios
① It is especially suitable for disinfection of highly infectious wards such as pulmonary tuberculosis
② Instead of the original ultraviolet lamp, it is suitable for all places that need ultraviolet lamp disinfection
③ Outpatient room, general ward, inpatient ward, emergency room, etc
④ It is suitable for outpatient rooms such as pediatrics, fever and infectious diseases, as well as space disinfection with large population mobility
⑤ Schools, kindergartens, etc
⑥ Densely populated and mobile public areas


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