Ultraviolet ultrasonic probe sterilizer

product details

Ultraviolet ultrasonic probe sterilizer pbd-s1 is an ultrasonic probe disinfection product using a number of innovative technologies. Pbd-s1  uses the technology of combining cold light disinfection and plasma disinfection to complete the automatic disinfection of ultrasonic probe in 60 seconds, which is efficient, fast and environmentally friendly, solves the problem of probe disinfection, reduces the risk of probe infection, and realizes the requirements of one person one time disinfection in the disinfection specification.

Product features
① Innovative high frequency low wavelength cold light disinfection technology
② Intelligent full-automatic disinfection, gently put, automatic lifting, disinfection is completed automatically, without manual participation
③ Miniaturized design, small space, silent cart design, easy to move
④ Physical disinfection, no damage to acoustic lens and probe shell
⑤ The touch screen displays the disinfection process in the whole process, and the alarm fault is detected automatically
⑥ Domestic authoritative certification


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