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Item No.: Ozone generator
Ozone generator:50mg/h,100mg/h,200mg/h,300mg/h,500mg/h,5g/h,10g/h,15g/h,20g/h.
Ozone generator is a device for producing ozone gas (O3). Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored. It needs to be prepared on site and used on site (it can be stored for a short time under special circumstances). Therefore, ozone generators are required in all places where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields. The ozone gas produced by the ozone generator can be used directly, or it can participate in the reaction by mixing with the liquid through the mixing device.

The classification of ozone generators is divided according to the way of ozone generation. There are three main types of ozone generators: one is high-voltage discharge type, the other is ultraviolet irradiation type, and the third is electrolysis type.

During air treatment, it shall be put in according to the standard of 20-50mg / m3, and the high value shall be used for the food and drug industry. The total consumption of ozone (i.e. the output of ozone generator) can be obtained by conversion of root space. High concentration ozone generator (ozone concentration greater than 12mg / L) must be used for water treatment, and low concentration ozone treated water is invalid. The high concentration ozone generator is standard configuration, including air source, air source treatment device and ozone generator. The small type can be designed as an integrated model, and the output is between 5-200g / h.

We provide specifications of ozone generator: 50mg / h, 100mg / h, 200mg / h, 300mg/h, 500mg/h, 5g/h, 10g/h, 15g/h and 20g/h...etcsmileysmiley

Provide all ozone generator and concentration ,Customization is acceptable.


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