Mobile air laminar flow air disinfection and purification machine


Product features

① The original imported photocatalyst technology is used for disinfection, sterilization and odor removal, and anion air freshening technology
② Original UV 253.7, UV LED and photocatalyst disinfection methods, innovative PM2 5 filtration technology, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and rapid compliance
③ Multi side surrounding air inlet, better purification and disinfection effect
④ Touch control, intelligent display, touch screen, wireless remote control
⑤ Air volume greater than 2000 m3 / h
⑥ Ultra quiet design, less than 55dB at maximum air volume
⑦ Multiple timing settings, timing switch, timing disinfection time, man-machine coexistence

It adopts high air volume and medical grade ultra-high filtration design, which is suitable for air purification and disinfection in a larger area

Typical application scenarios
① Suitable for operating room, ICU, treatment room and other key areas
② Burn ward, premature infant room, baby room, hemodialysis room, supply room, etc
③ It is suitable for pediatric, fever, infection ward and other areas
④ Supply room, catering facilities, mobile facilities, etc
⑤ Densely populated and mobile public areas


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