Instrument and equipment disinfection warehouse


product details

Pulsein-c1, a pulsestrike 360 sterilization robot pulsein-d, provides photodynamic power for the disinfection chamber of pulsed strong light instruments and equipment, which can easily disinfect mobile and reusable instruments and equipment in a 5-minute rapid cycle, comprehensively reduce the microbial load on the surface of instruments and equipment, and effectively resist C. diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE and other drug-resistant bacteria.

Product advantages
① Help hospitals and other different places disinfect all kinds of high contact instruments and equipment, such as portable X-ray machines, ventilators, ultrasonic equipment, vital sign monitors, wheelchairs and mobile workstations.
② Pulsestrike 360's light-emitting technology, combined with scattered pulsed xenon strong light on highly reflective aluminum surface and 360 degree coverage, can be taken into account even in small angles and cracks.
③ It is light, foldable, durable and meets the fire protection standard. It has small assembly and occupation space and is easy to move and assemble. All disinfection preparations can be completed in only a few minutes. It is suitable for use in small spaces and corridors. Save millions of yuan and greatly reduce the infection control cost of institutions;
④ It is fatal to all pathogens. No pathogen has immunity to pulsed light. It can comprehensively control the microbial load on the surface of instruments and equipment, and kill all kinds of important pathogens in 5 minutes, such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin resistant Enterococcus (VRE), multi drug resistant Acinetobacter, etc.
⑤ Cold light irradiation technology, environmental protection, no damage to instruments and equipment.

Typical application scenarios

① Various types of instruments and equipment in medical institutions, such as wheelchairs, ventilators, mobile equipment, etc
② Neonatal bed, instruments and equipment, tools and other supplies of neonatal Pediatrics, etc
③ All kinds of objects to be reused and disinfected include treatment table, treatment vehicle, etc

Pulsestrike 360 sterilization robot pulsein-d combined with high reflective aluminum surface cloth cabin is suitable for moving anywhere, which is convenient to build and use even in a narrow space. It is suitable for surface disinfection of instruments and equipment of various shapes and sizes.


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