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thermal imager Thermography plays an important role in the new covid-19 disease.

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Author : Echo zheng
Update time : 2020-04-04 00:22:45

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is in the critical stage. The thermal imaging thermometer is on the line of anti epidemic. The thermal imager can not only quickly detect body temperature through infrared non-contact body temperature detection, but also can be used for simultaneous detection of many people. Compared with the frontal thermometer, the thermal imaging temperature monitoring system does not need to touch the skin, which can effectively avoid cross infection. Moreover, the system is less affected by the environment, and the measurement error is very small. What's more, in densely populated places, the thermography temperature monitoring system can quickly measure the body temperature without causing crowd congestion, reducing the risk of virus infection and spread to a certain extent.

  This technology can be widely used in subway, railway station, hospital, school, government, enterprise, business, store, dormitory and other scenarios, and contribute to epidemic prevention and control through information technology. If the infrared camera of the equipment is installed at the entrance and exit of the subway station, passengers can conduct "thermal imaging human body temperature measurement" during the process of entering and leaving. For the person with high temperature, the imaging color displayed in the background is red. The higher the temperature is, the redder the imaging selection is. After the platform recognizes the face, it directly marks the temperature of the person in the head area, which can quickly lock the person who is hot in the crowd, and for the abnormal person The crowd gave out an audible and visual warning.

The temperature measurement system, based on the principle of infrared thermal imaging and assisted by artificial intelligence technology for non-contact fever population screening, can realize temperature measurement safely, rapidly and accurately, and provide a more efficient digital security guarantee for epidemic prevention and control. It can not only greatly improve the temperature measurement efficiency, but also effectively avoid cross infection.

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