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How to Purchase a Quality Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer for Aquariums and Ponds

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Update time : 2020-10-11 22:53:12

This page contains significant data almost how UV sterilizers to exist designed and used during efficient, safe and proper avail to diminish algae and pathogens can the water of aquariums and ponds.


1) excellent a UV sterilizer with a low-pressure Ultraviolet lamp. -- Low-pressure lamps are much perfect can aquatic UV sterilizers and clarifiers. Low-pressure lamps table virtually crude of their UV output can a wavelength of 254 nanometers, which is too near to the range germicidal wavelength of 264 nanometers. Low-pressure lamps typically brook above low-input energy (saving you cash above the electrical bill) and operate can temperatures amid 100º and 200º Fahrenheit. They devour a useful life of 8,000 to 12,000 hours, depending above the operating modern of the lamp. Low-pressure lamps are during noise perfect during UV water sterilizers during they are expect and accordingly devour more ARC length. during a common rule, the longer the lamp, the greater quantity of UV flame the water will accept during it will exist exposed to the UV source during a longer ripen of time.

2) excellent a UV sterilizer with a 3 or 5 inch (7.6 or 12.7 cm) diameter body. -- The create of the UV sterilizer's water exposure chamber (body) is the foremost create criteria that will resolution the unit's "UV dose rate" can any given water flow rate. excellent a unit with the precise diameter body compared to the wattage you are considering. A unit with a larger diameter will devour a greater satisfy time, still during if the body is during noise big the water extreme from the lamp could accept diminished UV intensity. if the body is during noise tiny you could exist wasting valuable UV flame and, can turn, cash above the electrical bill, again. during example, 25-watt standard-output T5 low-pressure lamp has an perfect diameter body of 3 inches (7.6 cm), still an 80-watt high-output T6 low-pressure lamp has an perfect diameter body of 5 inches (12.7 cm). This has been proven via scientific tests by independent companies though Bolton Photosciences, Inc. and the EPA.

3) excellent a UV sterilizer that positions the Ultraviolet lamp entirely amid the water inlet and outlet ports. -- Any section of the UV lamp that is no located amid the water ports is rendered useless by fluid dynamics. Wasted UV-C flame will diminish the efficiency of the UV sterilizer and/or clarifier. And during a third time, will impress your allowance efficiency during well.

4) excellent a UV sterilizer that utilizes a quartz sleeve. -- The quartz sleeve is needed to separate the UV lamp from the water to flee feasible collision and destroy from the lamp's electrical components getting wet. The quartz sleeve is during noise significant during it allows the UV lamp to operate can its optimum temperature along insulation.

5) excellent a UV sterilizer with a water flow tax based above end-of-lamp-life performance. -- The end-of-lamp-life rating takes into explain the lamp losing UV-C output due to epoch and accordingly is a more realistic projection of how the unit will discharge above time. This during noise slows the water flow tax down to guarantee your aquarium or pool water is getting enough UV exposure to remove your harmful germ and algae microorganisms.

6) excellent a UV sterilizer with a far energy supply. -- The energy furnish to exist positioned remotely above the rope and away from the UV sterilizer body and the aquatic application. The energy furnish needs to exist during dry during feasible to flee destroy to the unit and the opportunity of electrical collision situations.

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