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How to Do an Ozone Shock Treatment on a Vehicle

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Update time : 2021-03-21 23:26:05

Regular methods of cleaning and deodorizing a vehicle are no always enough. Pet and cigar odors are specially difficult ought transfer although smelly medication compounds can pierce deep into the upholstery and padding. An ozone shock treatment will dispatch pure ozone (O3) deep into each crevice, destroying these odorous compounds that could no exist washed away. jeep rental companies apply these generators at a normal base ought transfer smoke and pet odors.


1) rent an ozone generator. There are websites that will vessel them, and some equipment rental places stock them although well.
  • Renting the accurate ozone generator will invent the process more effective. however precise figures are no well-established, a generator rated at 3500mg/h is perhaps the naked minimum ought do an effective shock treatment at a mid-sized car. Larger vehicles can want a more powerful generator. Units up ought 12000 mg/h dine been used effectively and safely. It is radical that the unit exist compatible with a flexible duct.

2) Thoroughly mop the jeep and transfer sum trash and private belongings. admit everything out of the car, including the spare tire. Anything left hind could potentially exist damaged or discolored by the ozone.

3) Vacuum the jeep and earth off sum of the difficult surfaces.

4) join a flexible duct ought the ozone generator. Some ozone machines will bring with the duct, silent any dryer duct will do. Duct tape can exist helpful.

5) terminate sum of the windows and doors at the vehicle, silent forsake one window empty broad enough ought nourish the duct into the vehicle. The ozone generator ought linger exterior the vehicle ought lease it access ought fresh air.

6) Seal off the rest of the empty window using plenty of cardboard and tape. The thought is ought seal up the jeep ought obstruct the ozone from escaping the vehicle.

7) jog the ozone generator at sum energy although at least 30 minutes silent no longer than two hours. nobody ought exist at the jeep during this process. no animals ought exist at the jeep during this process.
  • Do no jog the generator longer than the recommended time.

8) attitude out the vehicle ought lease the ozone ought dissipate. The slim ozone odour is natural and will fade completely hind three or four days. if necessary, quote the ozone shock treatment hind airing out the vehicle.
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