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By Echo zheng | 23 March 2020 | 0 Comments

New coronavirus epidemic is serious in the world. Legia smart disinfection cabinet helps to disinfec

New coronavirus epidemic is serious in the world. Lechuang disinfection cabinet helps to disinfect clothes and masks!

The new coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world. It is a serious threat to people's travel and life, resulting in serious consequences.

Disinfection cabinet refers to a tool for sterilization, heat preservation and dehumidification of tableware, tableware, towel, clothing, beauty salon appliances, medical equipment, etc. by means of ultraviolet, far infrared, high temperature, ozone, etc. The shape is generally in the shape of a cabinet, and most of the cabinet body is made of stainless steel. Disinfection cabinet is the first electrical product invented in China, widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, troops, canteens and other places.

Only good disinfection equipment can ensure that people eat healthy food. As one of the important electrical appliances in modern kitchen, disinfection cabinet will continue to grow steadily in the next few years, and the disinfection cabinet industry is also growing mature. Lechuangzhijia will also be committed to the design and production of high-quality disinfection cabinets to bring people a healthy and safe life experience. Legia smart disinfection cabinet is sold at home and abroad to help people disinfect clothes, tableware, masks, etc. and effectively isolate the virus.

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