Common Questions and Introduction of Household Disinfection Cabinet

Question: Is the high temperature or ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, harmful to human body?

Answer: There are two kinds of disinfection methods for disinfection cabinets on the market, one is ozone and ultraviolet light disinfection, the other is high temperature disinfection. The two kinds of disinfection methods are harmless to human body. The disinfection cabinets on the market are generally two kinds of disinfection methods, both of which are recognized by the national standards.

Question: How long does it take for household utensils to disinfect?

Answer: It depends on the number of times you use it. Generally, three or four people’s families disinfect two or three times a week.

Question: Can tableware sterilizer kill hepatitis virus?

Answer: High temperature disinfection cabinet, when achieving disinfection temperature up to 125 degrees constant temperature 15 minutes, can be killed.

Question: Can a sterilizing cabinet with drying function be used as a cupboard?

Answer: Yes, but if you don’t dry clean the water, it will affect the life of the sterilizer.

Question: What should we pay attention to when purchasing disinfection cabinets?

Answer: The way of sterilizing cabinet, the out-looking of sterilizing cabinet, the material used in Inner gallbladder, whether there is bubble layer or not.

Question: Which tableware should not be disinfected in the sterilizing cabinet?

Answer: Ultraviolet ozone disinfection cabinet basically has no restrictions. Plastic, wood and other flammable bowls can’t be placed in high temperature disinfection cabinet.

Question: Why is there an unacceptable odor in my sterilizer when it is opened? Is this the smell of ozone? Is it harmful to human body?

Answer: It’s harmful to inhale a lot of ozone. Maybe there’s something wrong with the ultraviolet radiation in your disinfection cabinet. Usually the ultraviolet radiation will decompose the ozone. After the disinfection of the disinfection cabinet stops, it usually takes ten minutes to use the dishware properly.

Question: Which is better, high temperature or ultraviolet sterilizer?

Answer: Ultraviolet ozone disinfection and high temperature disinfection is not harmful, the general market disinfection cabinet disinfection methods are in both. High temperature is better than high temperature.

Question: Considering the need for cabinets, do you have to buy disinfection cabinets when designing cabinet sizes, right?

Answer: You can buy it or take the size back. Usually when you buy a cabinet, they will ask you if you want to leave the sterilizer in place.

Q: Does the installation of disinfection cabinets under embedded gas stoves meet safety requirements? I think it’s reasonable to say that electricity should be a certain distance apart.

Answer: It is possible to achieve electrical separation. Nowadays, disinfection cabinets generally have flame retardant protective layer, the safety factor is relatively high.

Question: Is it affordable for families to buy disinfection cabinets? What about the cost of each application?

Answer: Personally, I don’t think it can be expressed in terms of benefits. It depends on your personal habits. I think it is necessary to pay attention to family diet and hygiene. As for his practical cost, I personally think it can achieve better results. It can guarantee the health of the family, which is the most practical.

 Question: How to choose the sterilizer? What are the ways to distinguish the quality of disinfection cabinets?

Answer: There are two kinds of disinfection cabinets, one is to separate the upper and lower layers and work separately. This disinfection cabinet contains ozone ultraviolet and high temperature. The other is integrated, there is only one way of ozone ultraviolet disinfection. Also, we can to see whether the overall foaming of the cabinet achieves real flame retardant and can keep the temperature constant.

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