Do you know these thorough and safe towel disinfection and sterilization methods?

With people’s increasing attention to health, as well as the rapid development of beauty salons in the world, the demand of towel disinfection cabinet is more and more exuberant. At present, there are mainly two types of disinfection cabinets on the market, including UV disinfection cabinet and high-temperature disinfection cabinet.

High temperature disinfection is achieved by heating the temperature to 100 ℃ and keeping it for more than 15 minutes. However, the disadvantage of high-temperature disinfection cabinet is that its power is too high, which will easily lead to uneven temperature as well as damage and deformation of cavity, seal and heated objects. Therefore, high-temperature disinfection cabinet has certain potential safety hazards. The sterilization principle of UV disinfection cabinet is to damage the structure of DNA in the body, kill bacteria or make them lose their reproductive ability through ultraviolet irradiation on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. By contrast, UV disinfection cabinet can disinfect towels, clothes, etc., because these items are not resistant to high temperature.

The towel disinfection cabinet ZTP150-GT developed by Legia Smart can disinfect, purify, dry and store towels, especially suitable for beauty salons. This disinfection cabinet not only makes comprehensive use of ozone disinfection, ultraviolet light sterilizer disinfection and hot air circulation dry system, but also sets the internal circulation fan so as to sterilize everywhere inside completely. Moreover, the product possesses a total capacity of 150L and two separate rooms, the upper and lower room, which can meet the special needs of large beauty salons. It is worth mentioning that this product can can be equipped with cable plugs suitable for different countries, and its built-in stainless steel liner is easy to clean. In short, so many advantages of this product are destined to be your best choice.

The products developed by Legia Smart are of high quality, low price, various types and fast delivery, which can meet your various needs. Sincerely welcome your inquiry at any time.

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