How to quickly remove ozone at room temperature? Efficient and rapid removal of ozone by ozone decomposition catalytic removal filter

Under the action of the power system, ozone passes through the ozone catalytic decomposition material or decomposition filter, enters the nano active sites on the inner and outer surfaces of the ozone decomposition material with high specific surface area at room temperature, and is instantly decomposed into non-toxic oxygen, with zero energy consumption (excluding the energy consumption of wind power) and zero reagent in the purification process.


1. Ozone elimination process without any additional chemicals;
2. Efficient catalytic decomposition of ozone at room temperature to generate oxygen, meeting the requirements of safety and economy;
3. Simple and convenient use of materials, long service life and high efficiency;
4. The physical structure of the product is honeycomb, with small gas resistance, etc.
[usage scenario]

The ozone decomposition catalyst is mainly aimed at the purification of low and medium concentration ozone pollution (O3 ≤ 500ppm), which can quickly catalyze the decomposition of ozone into non-toxic oxygen at room temperature without energy consumption.

1. Electrostatic copier, laser printer, UV curing machine, various air purifiers, etc
2. Ozone tail gas treatment of ozone oxidation wastewater process
3. Ozone secondary pollution control of photolysis, plasma, ozone generator, high-voltage static electricity and other equipment
4. Ozone pollution purification after sterilization and disinfection of medical devices and elimination of peculiar smell in public places
5. Semiconductor production and corona equipment


The ozone and waste gas are introduced to the catalyst surface at the same time, the gas pipeline does not leak short flow, and all the gas passes through the catalytic network.


1. It can catalyze the decomposition of low and medium concentration ozone into oxygen at room temperature. Proper heating is helpful to improve the catalytic reaction rate, and the effect is better at (40 ~ 80 ℃).
2. It is mainly used for purification of low and medium concentration ozone pollution (≤ 500ppm). The activated carbon supported catalyst cannot be placed in the treatment of high concentration ozone tail gas, which is easy to produce a lot of heat in the decomposition process and lead to catalyst combustion pulverization.
3、   High activity, wide airspeed adaptation range (10000-80000 h-1), higher airspeed requirements, you can call for consultation.
4、   After the catalyst has been used for a certain period of time (for example, about a year), if the activity of the catalyst is found to decline due to the long-term accumulation of adsorbed water, the catalyst can be taken out and dried in the oven at 100 ℃ for 6 hours or more (in case of lack of conditions, it can be taken out and exposed in the strong sun), and then it can be re loaded into the purifier for use.

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