comparison of ozone and uv rays two different disinfection methods

The following is the comparison of the two different disinfection methods:
1. Ozone disinfection belongs to static sterilization. The chemical formula of ozone is O3. Ozone sterilization belongs to the bacteriolytic level, with complete sterilization and no residue. It can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses and fungi, and destroy botulinum toxin. It not only has a strong killing effect on various bacteria, but also is very effective in killing molds. The factors affecting ozone sterilization include humidity, temperature, amount of fresh air, amount of ozone, ozone sterilization time, etc. it can disinfect air, object surface and water at the same time.
Ozone disinfection does not mean sterilization when smelling odor. Generally speaking, during ozone disinfection, indoor relative humidity ≥ 70%, ozone concentration ≥ 20mg / m3, disinfection time is more than 30 minutes, and the sterilization rate is 93% – 100%. The principle of ozone generation is: ionize the oxygen (O2) in the air to the living oxygen (O3). Therefore, when ozone disinfection is used in the workshop, it needs to be equipped with oxygen generator or oxygen tank to ensure sufficient oxygen source. During ozone disinfection, if people are in the disinfection room, it will have a toxic effect on the human body, so it can not be used when there are people. Moreover, after disinfection, the ozone disinfection machine must be closed for 40 minutes before entering the workshop.
2. Ultraviolet disinfection also belongs to static sterilization. Its principle is: after bacteria absorb ultraviolet rays, the DNA strand of bacteria breaks, resulting in the cross-linking rupture of nucleic acid and protein. Ultraviolet rays kill the biological activity of bacterial nucleic acid, resulting in bacterial death.
The installation method of ultraviolet disinfection lamp is as follows: the disinfection lamp is fixed and hoisted at a place 2 meters from the ceiling to the ground (1.5 meters is better), and directly irradiated downward. According to the wattage of ultraviolet lamp per cubic meter ≥ 1.5W, the number of lamps to be installed is calculated, and each irradiation is more than 30 minutes. Due to the weak penetration of ultraviolet light, it is recommended to wipe the lamp tube with alcohol cotton ball before each use. Therefore, during disinfection, the workshop should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature of the food workshop is lower than 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ and the relative humidity is greater than 60%, the irradiation time of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp should be appropriately extended. The service time of ultraviolet disinfection lamp is inversely proportional to the irradiation intensity. Generally, the service life shall not exceed 1000 hours. After exceeding the time, the lamp tube must be replaced. It is recommended that an ultraviolet illuminance meter be equipped to monitor the irradiation intensity during use. The service time can also be recorded as the basis for replacing the lamp tube. Because ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human skin and eyes, it can not be used when there are people.
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