Principle of Disinfection Cabinet and concerns of purchasing the best Disinfection Cabinet

Now most people  focus much on healthy life. In addition to safety and sanitation of food, clean and tidy of bowls and dishes containing food are required in their daily bite and sup. Disinfection cabinets can sterilize bowls and dishes for you. During selection, you have to make a distinction of those cabinets’ function. We will introduce disinfection briefly cabinets and anything requiring attention when you make a purchase. Finally, we will also recommend you some brands and models of great popularity.

It should be noticed that any disinfection cabinet has yet been equipped with function of washing bowls and dishes. If you want machine with such function, you should choose a dishwasher. A dishwasher can meet your requirement of washing as well as disinfecting and drying due to its dual-use function.

Principle of Disinfection Cabinet

Disinfection cabinet is an electric appliance which can provide you sterilized, dried and insulated tableware such as bowls, plates and glasses with various mechanism. One of the electrical appliance manufactures in China boasted the first disinfection cabinet around the world. There are three mechanisms available on the market: oZone disinfection, disinfection by ultraviolet light (UV Light) and high-temperature disinfection. You also have to know that there would be some models of cabinets being equipped with the three mechanisms.

High-temperature disinfection

By heating electrothermic element, such type of disinfection cabinets can sterilize bowls and dishes with high temperature. High-temperature disinfection refers to a sterilization method which can achieve protein denaturation of microorganism (including bacteria and virus) with temperature over 120 °C and heating time of 15 minutes or more so as to kill bacteria and viruses. You should know that such way of disinfection would damage some thermo-labile supplies, such as dish towel, any tableware made of wood or plastic.

Ozone disinfection

Ozone disinfection is a sterilization method through strong oxidizing property of high concentration ozone. Ozone, as a kind of explosive gas, is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell. It is known as one of the strongest oxidizing agents, which is used as a spectral bactericide. Although ozone disinfection is so helpful that it is applicable to tableware made of most materials with strong bactericidal efficacy, you have to know that there would be ozone residue on sterilized tableware for a while. Any disinfection cabinet with function of ozone disinfection would be available to UV Light disinfection.

UV Light

Disinfection cabinets of UV Light are, obviously, to kill bacteria by UV Light. The wavelength of UV Light is from 200 nm to 275 nm with wavelength of 250 nm to 270 nm of best ability of sterilization. However, UV Light has disadvantage of lower radiation energy and weaker penetrability, which results in its application to surface disinfection only because it can only kill microorganism that it can directly radiate. Is any part of sterilizing bowls or dishes is shaded by others, effective disinfection cannot be achieved. Therefore, users should make sure that any part of tableware to be sterilized should be adequately exposed to UV Light.

Matters needing attention in purchasing disinfection cabinets will be introduced as following:


Price of a disinfection cabinet shall be subject to its volume, function and brand. In general, price would range from about HK$ 1000 to 3000.


A high-class disinfection cabinet is always equipped with a stainless steel-made inside lining. The application of stainless steel-made inside lining can secure repeated usage without any discolored or distorted situation on it. There are also some brands apply stainless steel to equip the outer shell of cabinets; with synergy of tempered mirror glass, they can deliver a fashion and durable cabinet to users.

Standalone, Built-in or Suspension-type

According to ways of installation, disinfection cabinets can be classified as standalone, built-in and suspension-type ones. A built-in disinfection boasts a space-saving and aesthetic reputation for its combination with kitchen cabinet and optimizing the utilization of the cabinet space. A standalone disinfection is the easiest to install among the three: it can be installed on flat ground anywhere and it can come into use with power source available. A suspension-type disinfection cabinet shall be installed in groove of a hanging cabinet, which can also deliver combination with other design in kitchen. However, it has a disadvantage that not anyone can take tableware from such high place easily. Before selection, you have to know which one is the best you need in accordance with design of your kitchen and personal habit of usage.

Size and volume

Size and volume of cabinets are diversified. You may select proper capacity according to the number of family members. In general, a disinfection cabinet with capacity of 40 to 70 liter is enough for a supposed family of four members. In addition to family members, you have to take sufficient space in kitchen for a disinfection cabinet into account.

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